Non-releasable Animal Placement Form

Before completing this form, you must have already received approval from CDFW that the animal can be placed.

Please contact Nicole Carion regarding placement of non-releasable animals.

Nicole Carion
Senior Environmental Scientist, Wildlife Rehabilitation, California Department of Fish & Wildlife

Once the animal has been approved for placement, fill out the form below we will place a notification on our website for up to six weeks. Please note that we will expect the individuals involved in the placement to personally handle the verification of proper veterinary evaluation, suitability of the animal for permanent captivity, permitting, licensing, any official agency notification and transfer paperwork.

CCWR is unable to and has no responsibility to verify that the condition and suitability of the animals listed is as reported. CCWR is also in no position to attest to, and has no responsibility to ascertain, permits held or adequacy of housing and care that can be provided by persons interested in the animals listed.

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Where the animal is currently housed
Describe why the animal is non-releasable and any special housing needs due to its impairment
Describe any training this animal has had for its role as an educational ambassador