Non-releasable Animal Placement

All animals needing placement must first be approved for placement by California Fish and Wildlife.

Animals Needing Placement will remain on this page for 90 days from the posting date.

Non-releasable Animal Approved for Placement: peregrine Falcon

Contact: Linda Chalk (

Telephone: (909)887-8267
Affiliation: state and federal permits
Address: 2654 Akron St.
State: CA
City: San Bernardino
Zipcode: 92407
Region: 6
About the Animal Species: Peregrine Falcon
Age (if known): adult
Urgency: Soon
Gender: Unknown
Why is this animal non-releasable? Left wing distal humerus fracture healed, cosmetically good but unable to sustain sufficient flight for hunting
Training: beginning to handle on glove
Recommendations for use: education and propagation
Other comments: Falcon may be male based on weight and size but has not been DNA tested.

Submitted: August 7th, 2019